Installing CloudTube, a YouTube frontend

CloudTube is an alternative YouTube web frontend developed by cadence. This is in my opinion much welcomed as the experience of browsing YouTube was heavily degraded recently (the lighter classic layout was removed in March 2020, and Google keep adding popups nagging you to log in and accept tracking cookies). CloudTube is a better alternative to Invidious, a similar and older project, for the following reasons: decoupled frontend CloudTube and backend NewLeaf (reimplementation of Invidious API ; originally named Second) respectively in nodejs and python, making them easier to attract external contributors (Invidious being developed in the Crystal programming language, people are often seen blocked by the language itself when they want to help the project) and simple to deploy, as detailed below the backend “NewLeaf” leverages the youtube-dlc library to obtain videos information instead of rolling its own implementation (that would then need to be fixed manually each time YouTube JS changes instead of waiting for the broader OSS community to implement a fix) better polished UX in general Nevertheless, keep in mind that it’s a young project and as of today in December 2020, this is not a full replacement for Invidious (or YouTube interface), at least for the features I’m interested in.

Reverse ssh tunnel without screen

In a previous article we talked about screen, that was used to setup reverse ssh tunnels on deployed infrastructure without the hassle of setting up port-forwarding on every modem thery are deployed behind. Today I will note down a better way to set this up, without screen, in a single crontab. Without much further ado, the glorious crontab: * * * * * ssh -q -f -N -R 8888:localhost:22 REMOTEUSER@remote.example.com -o "ExitOnForwardFailure yes" -o "ServerAliveInterval 15" -o "ServerAliveCountMax 2" 2>/dev/null And on remote.

Troubleshooting network problems under Windows

Just a memo to remember these handy commands. Identify where the problem occurs: ipconfig ping tracert google.fr Renew IP address: ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew Flush DNS: ipconfig /flushdns Reset network configuration (source): netsh interface ip reset netsh i i p netsh winsock reset netsh wins r netsh advfirewall reset netsh a r

Make Firefox Australis finally usable

This post is regularly updated since every major version of Firefox breaks things… Update on 21/05/2015 with Firefox 38 that broke the Options pop-up Update on 24/09/2015 with Firefox 41 adding an annoying “Open all in tabs” last entry in the bookmarks menus and not opening “Show source” in a new window anymore Update on 04/01/2016 with Firefox 43 adding a new menu in the “Omnibar” defaulting to search on the selected search engine insted of keyword.

Github DMCA reviver

The folks at Github have a public repo where they share with the public the Takedown notices they receive, like Google does with Chilling Effects. Usually, the notices want a public repository to be closed by Github. The guilty repo owner has just 24 hours to make the necessary or the repo is closed, which is very short: I saw very few repos updated that much. So, why not make a backup of the repo during this gap?