Installing CloudTube, a YouTube frontend

December 26 2020

CloudTube is an alternative YouTube web frontend developed by cadence. This is in my opinion much welcomed as the experience of browsing YouTube was heavily degraded recently (the lighter classic layout was removed in March 2020, and Google keep adding popups nagging you to log in and accept tracking cookies). CloudTube is…

Reverse ssh tunnel without screen

November 06 2017

In a previous article we talked about screen, that was used to setup reverse ssh tunnels on deployed infrastructure without the hassle of setting up port-forwarding on every modem thery are deployed behind. Today I will note down a better way to set this up, without screen, in a single…

Troubleshooting network problems under Windows

March 19 2015

Just a memo to remember these handy commands. Identify where the problem occurs: ipconfig ping tracert Renew IP address: ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew Flush DNS: ipconfig /flushdns Reset network configuration (source): netsh interface ip reset netsh i i p netsh winsock reset netsh wins r netsh advfirewall reset netsh a r

Make Firefox Australis finally usable

January 31 2015

This post is regularly updated since every major version of Firefox breaks things... Update on 21/05/2015 with Firefox 38 that broke the Options pop-up Update on 24/09/2015 with Firefox 41 adding an annoying "Open all in tabs" last entry in the bookmarks menus and not opening "Show source" in a new window…

Github DMCA reviver

October 24 2014

The folks at Github have a public repo where they share with the public the Takedown notices they receive, like Google does with Chilling Effects. Usually, the notices want a public repository to be closed by Github. The guilty repo owner has just 24 hours to make the necessary or the…